Eva de les mil llunes (2014)
"Eve of the Thousand Moons"

Rosa Cortès, with poems by Teresa Costa-Gramunt
Ònix Editor

From moon to moon · Who are we? Who are you? Fragile instances of balance? Voices which fade away behind physical matter? You speak of ruins and of ashes, of pain which transforms, of light... Are we a mutation of ashes? One which turns into energy to inhabit the void which inhabits us? · Your mirror is the bridge which unites views to build over the void. Your inner space has allowed you to draw invisible connections and to gather, from moon to moon, all those movements which blend shadows with light, as art is blended with sensation and knowledge. · From this bridge everything is transformed in order to survive in the fight to endure illness transformed beyond the negative metaphors injected by a divided society which separates opposites without the capacity for recognition of our inner worth. When we have managed to break those boundaries which we set for ourselves to justify our own powerlessness, the bridge -simultaneously slight and solid- becomes the veritable setting to transform ourselves. · Among the images of Rosa Cortés and the poems of Teresa Costa-Gramunt, I have submerged myself in this creation. "Eva de les mil llunes" is a book in which the invisible connections which unite the two sides of the moon would not exist without permanent movement, permanent change which multiplies the different perceptions which people have of the world. The sum of voices, both poetic and visual, has an effect of solidarity just as our view does when experience becomes creation, or when the colonisation of a body turns into a reflection on human relationships. Glòria Bosch

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Eva de les mil llunes

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