"...nomad and pilgrim, loyal companion of invisible physicality and warm presence,..."

The Sun's Lover: Soledad
"I will be the companion of that authentic lone wolf
capable of being born, living and dying
alone, in solidarity"

The Life of Water, the Water of Life
"Transparency is one of the most precious qualities of water in its moments of stillness. It is then that nature is reflected and that we can contemplate it both outside and inside the same lake. From the lake flows a river which like a pencil draws out the land and makes the pebbles roll, the gentle strokes of millenia, chants of water which can be heard from the valley, the drops' own dance carries them downstream – irresistibly – to the ocean. Here their life is changed. Gobbled up in the immensity, they wait for the arrival of the magic moment: the instant when a ray of sunlight raises them up to repeat their same cycle and once again dampen the land."

Rosa Cortés    
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